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The product production process can be carried out as follows:
The first step: pre-sales service
Based on the information provided by the customer, we will conduct proofing and plan production. We work closely with our customers to ensure we understand their needs and provide solutions that meet their requirements.
Step Two: Production Progress
According to the task order, we will produce and the production progress will be tracked by a dedicated salesperson. They will report production progress to customers at any time to ensure that customers understand the progress of the project.
Step 3: Shipping
The quality control team will conduct pre-shipment inspections according to the production task order to ensure that every link meets the requirements. They will make final confirmation according to the samples and customer's requirements to ensure the quality and accuracy of the product.
Step 4: Packaging and shipping
According to the customer's type and requirements, we will carry out appropriate packing and packaging, and agree on the delivery method with the customer. We will ensure that the product is fully protected during transportation to ensure that the product reaches the customer in good condition.
Step 5: After-sales service
We provide online technical installation guidance to ensure customers can use our products correctly. Our team will communicate and guide customers to answer questions they may have and ensure they are taking full advantage of the product's features.
Step 6: Post-maintenance
Our salespeople will regularly visit customers to learn about their use of the product, and follow up on subsequent needs and assistance raised by customers. We will always keep in touch with our customers to ensure they receive satisfactory products and services and meet their future needs.
Through the above product production process, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and comprehensive services to ensure customer satisfaction and establish long-term cooperative relationships.

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1. Organize information according to customer requirements.

2. The designer makes 3D/2D design drawings, simulates the operation, and make the file.

3. After the customer confirms , the processing department starts to process the sheet metal shell and parts according to the drawings, and the vibrator bowl workshop starts to produce the vibrator bowl.

4. The sheet metal shell is treated with baking varnish (or stainless steel wire drawing), the parts are treated with electroplating and anti-rust treatment, the aluminum parts are treated with anodized sandblasting, and the vibrator bowl is subjected to preliminary aging test.

5. After the parts and vibrator bowl are completed, the electrical engineer starts wiring the electrical connection cabinet, and at the same time the fitter begins to assemble the whole machine mechanism.

6. After the assembly is completed, the individual test of the number of points of each vibrator bowl station is started, and it needs to be operated independently and stably for more than 100 times, and then the whole machine is mixed test.

7. After the test is completed, start to simulate actual production according to the order information to check the stability and accuracy of the overall operation of the equipment.

8. After the simulated production is completed, the whole machine is subjected to aging test, and all stations are turned on for aging.

9. Start binding the wooden boxes. Before packing, the quality control staff will conduct final quality inspection, and determine the packing quantity and whether the accessories are completing according to the order.


HongYangQiao Company is an independent R&D and production automation equipment company developing, designing, program developing, producing and selling. It has obtained a number of patented technologies and software copyrights, and won the title of National High-tech Enterprise.

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